Doyle Beneby

President & CEO | CPS Energy

The energy industry is evolving rapidly,” said Doyle N. Beneby, President and CEO of CPS Energy. “Utilities that are positioning themselves for the future are collaborating with new players, looking for partnerships in new technologies and considering new business models. Those are the companies that attend the Energy Thought Summit.

Doyle Beneby is President and Chief Executive Officer of CPS Energy, the largest municipal electric and gas utility in the nation. A veteran of the energy industry with more than 25 years of experience, Beneby has expertise in many facets of the electric & gas utility industry including strategic planning, generation and delivery operations and asset acquisition.

Since joining CPS Energy in August of 2010, Beneby has led the transition to a lower carbon intense generation fleet, utilizing clean coal, natural gas and nuclear combined with targeted renewables such as wind and solar. He has also brokered partnerships with multiple clean technology companies, bringing thousands of jobs to the Greater San Antonio area, increasing research and development and enhancing educational investments.