Dirk Beiner

Founder & CTO | Energybox

Dirk Beiner has a long track-record of successfully launching technological innovations in traditional industries. A proven entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in leadership and ownership positions, Dirk brings significant product development, startup management, and business growth expertise to any project with which he is involved. Throughout his career, Mr. Beiner has demonstrated his ability to combine systems, software, and hardware into innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for everyday problems.

As Chief Technology Officer with Energybox, Dirk Beiner is leading his team to develop sensor technology that measures energy use inside electrical networks and, therefore, empowers residential and commercial clients to reduce global energy consumption. for much more info on gold rush. At the forefront of the movement to build the Internet of Things, Energybox aims to monitor and connect electrical appliances, machines and objects to cloud applications providing real-time energy data.

Dirk is also involved as a Business Angel with Bettervest, in Germany. Bettervest uses crowdfunding finance tools to provide ease of access for investment into energy efficiency projects of any type. Before joining Energybox, Mr. Beiner was the CTO of Traxon Technologies, a leading global intelligent lighting systems and solutions company. He had previously co-founded and served as CEO of e:cue lighting control GmbH, a lighting control and automation company developing state-of-the-art software
and hardware solutions for lighting professionals. With its strong focus on software development to deliver comprehensive control solutions to the high data demanding LED light source market, e:cue lighting control GmbH merged with LED fixture company Traxon in 2005 to provide full solution lighting packages.

Previously, Dirk Beiner was CEO of Gesellschaft für Netzwerk und Kommunikation mbH (GNK), a network and telecommunication systems company developing intelligent cost analysis products for the deregulated telecommunications market in Germany. The company served clients with PABX add-on solutions to automatically select low-fare carriers for national as well as international calls.