Phillip Powell

Director of Grid Innovations | Dominion Voltage

The majority of professional work (35 years) has been with Dominion. My work at Dominion involved various assignments in four primary areas, System Protection, Power Supply, Transmission Planning and System Reliability. System Protection work (16 years) involved the design, setting, and operation analysis of protective relays and relay systems for power plants, their auxiliary systems, transmission, substation, and distribution systems. The Power Supply work (4 years) involved system analysis of peak load flow data and responsibility of network voltage control at the power station and across the grid. The Transmission Planning work (5 years) involved developing the transmission expansion plan for the Virginia Power high voltage network. The Distribution Planning and Reliability work (7 years) involved developing the distribution circuit and substation expansion plan, leading the project management process for substation construction, developing improvement projects to maintain distribution system performance and developing conservation and energy efficiency solutions. I am presently working in the area of Grid Innovation for Dominion Voltage Inc with the Alternate Energy Solutions Group at Dominion.