Ian Wright

Founder & CEO, Wrightspeed | Co-founder, Tesla Motors

With over 20 years of high-tech engineering and management experience, Wright has ushered in an era of electric transportation. As founder of Wrightspeed, cofounder of Tesla Motors and creator of the X1- the fastest street legal electric vehicle in the world, Ian has continued to fuse his passion for racing with his technical curiosity. At Wrightspeed, Ian has successfully built a company that uniquely meets ever-increasing market demands, tripling the efficiency of delivery and service trucks with Wrightspeed’s flagship range extended electric powertrains.

His senior executive experience at Tesla Motors, Altamar Networks, Cisco, and NET has enabled him to shape a first-class team at Wrightspeed, patent three products in the last few years, secure $16.5M in initial funding, and land a number of early customers, including FedEx. Through Ian’s leadership, Wrightspeed is well positioned to scale clean transportation services across the country and penetrate this $5 billion market. Wrightspeed’s electric powertrains are the next step in the evolution of vehicle propulsion.