Danielle Murray

Manager of Solar Energy Services | Austin Energy

Danielle Murray is Austin Energy’s Manager of Solar Energy Services, overseeing the utility’s distributed solar programs, including value of solar implementation, incentive programs, and community solar program development. Previously, Danielle was the Renewable Program Manager for the City and County of San Francisco, where she led efforts to develop the local solar market, reduce soft costs, and implement innovative financing mechanisms, coordinated district energy research and development, and served as chair of the Mayor’s Renewable Energy Task Force. Prior to that, she worked for the City of Toronto’s Energy Office, where she designed and implemented the Toronto Neighborhoods Initiative which provided grants and low-interest loans to homeowners to install solar water heating systems and other energy efficiency improvements. Danielle has also worked for the Earth Policy Institute in Washington DC, researching and writing on the intersection of food, energy, and climate change, as well as serving in various volunteer and fellowship assignments in east and west Africa. Danielle received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and Master’s degrees in Planning and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto.