Becky Harrison

CEO | GridWise Alliance

Becky Harrison is the CEO of the Gridwise Alliance, before taking on this role she served as the Director of the Smart Grid Program for Progress Energy. Harrison was responsible for implementing Progress Energy’s Smart Grid program for both its Carolina and Florida service territories. Under Harrison’s leadership, Progress Energy’s grant application was selected to receive a $200M ARRA Smart Grid Investment Grant.

Progress Energy is a leader in the industry in deploying technologies on the grid to enhance operations and improve efficiencies. Its innovative Distribution System Demand Response program has been approved as a DSM/EE program by the North Carolina and South Carolina utilities commissions, and when fully deployed will deliver 310 megawatts of demand response capabilities by leveraging advanced volt/VAR control across the distribution grid. With the ARRA grant dollars and company matching funds combined, Progress is expected to spend $520M in during the three years grant period on Smart Grid projects across the Carolinas and Florida.